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Compliance & Quality

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Scribante has a moral and legal responsibility to safeguard all employees, the environment and other people affected by our business activities against any injury or risk to health during any construction as far as practical

The health,  safety and well-being of all our employees and related stakeholders are of primary importance to management. In conjunction with our employees,  the Group and its directors will do everything in its power to prevent accidents,  injuries,  occupational illnesses on the release of materials,  which could be detrimental to the environment.


The Group recognizes the right of its employees to work in safety in all their activities and is committed to providing a safe working environment. Safety aspects shall be fully integrated into all management policies and procedures, and shall form part of the daily activities and responsibilities of management. Safety and efficiency are regarded as essential requirements in our pursuit of prosperity and success. Training will be given to all levels to encourage and promote occupational health and safety.

The Group is in good standing with FEM.

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is always a vital consideration of the Group and its staff. Quality control frequency and the type of testing will be in accordance with SANS 1200 and/or COLTO / CSRA as applicable. Test methods and procedures are in accordance with recommendations of the specific industry in which the work is being completed. The company makes use of commercial testing laboratories as well as performing their own internal quality and process control testing.

Quality Assurance

Quality Policy & Objectives

Scribante’s quality focus is on its customers. Scribante strives to improve the overall quality of its equipment and solutions using four (4) key objectives:

  1. On-time delivery of 95% or greater​

  2. Not less than ‘above expectations’ on customer satisfaction ratings

  3. Reduction of non-conforming material by monitoring trends, product types and suppliers

  4. Using customer satisfaction surveys Scribante tracks, reviews, and reports customer satisfaction on all operations

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Quality Policy & Objectives


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Scribante Africa Mining is committed to contributing to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment. Scribante Africa Mining is a BBBEE Level 1 company. Scribante has implemented a progressive transformation policy to benefit black women and black youth. Leaderships,  mentorships and skills development programs will be managed in a manner that will give youth woman and disabled individuals an opportunity to contribute and grow the South African economy


Scribante Africa Mining has been awarded a Level 9CE qualification certificate from the CIDB

LEVEL 1 BBBEE CONTRIBUTOR (Registration No: 1996//017970/07)


ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 & 45001

CIDB 9 CE (Registration No: 10034246)


Scribante Africa Mining is in possession of current tax clearance certificates


Environmental policy

The Scribante Group is committed to ensuring that its work is carried out in an environmentally responsible manner. To achieve this objective in every environment the Group:

  • Will establish, maintain and implement an environmental management system for all areas of operations

  • Will comply and where appropriate have action plans to comply with the requirements of legislation and other regulations to our operations

  • Will manage the use of natural resources to minimize the impact on the environment

  • Will optimize energy usage in all areas of our operations

  • Will promote reduction, re-use and recycling of all types of waste in our operations

  • Will adopt the best practicable environmental option (BPEO) in new processes that impact on the environment to attain affordable environmental protection

  • Will set and periodically review objectives and targets to demonstrate continual improvement in our environmental performance

  • Will provide appropriate training to all our employees and contractors to ensure that this policy is implemented and maintained

  •  Will communicate openly with the public and interested and affected parties

  • Will conduct regular environmental reviews and audits of our operations to demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement of the EMS Certificates of Registration:

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

  • ISO 18001

  • ISO 18001

  • ISO 45001

The Group is the proud recipient of the BHP Billiton Gold Award for adopting the BECSA system regarding rehabilitation which has resulted in increased capacity and improved safety and productivity results

Enviromental Policy


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Scribante has reached another Milestone. "100 000 Injury Free Hours" We achieved this award because we ensure that safety protocol within our mining operations is implemented and maintained for protecting miners by mitigating hazards, risks and accidents.

Mine safety is a broad term but Scribante puts safety into practice by controlling and managing a wide range of hazards associated with all mining-related activities.

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