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About Us

Our Story

Our Story

Scribante Group was established in 1939 and has been undertaking works of a civil engineering construction nature throughout the Republic of South Africa and the neighboring states. With early beginnings based in Port Elizabeth the company has been active in KwaZulu-Natal since the 1970s and in the Gauteng,  Northwest Province,  Northern Cape and Mpumalanga region since 2005. The Group currently operates from offices in Johannesburg, Richards Bay,  Rustenburg,  and Witbank. The nature of the work undertaken ranges from open-cast mining,  mine rehabilitation, mine infrastructure development, major earthworks, minor earthworks and roadworks,  freeway construction, township developments and plant hire. Currently,  mine rehabilitation and open-cast mining constitute 80% of the companies revenue.

Scribante nationwide employs some 2,000 people including about 200 experienced engineers,  surveyors,  foreman and other technical staff. The Group owns sufficient plants to meet its plant requirements.

The Group has been involved in assisting with training and developing individuals of the previously disadvantaged communities in the construction industry since the early 1990s. The Group has been proudly involved in the successful formation of numerous empowerment companies for example, Dlabane Construction (Pty) Ltd, Grandbridge Trading 181 (Pty) Ltd and Masakeni Construction (Pty) Ltd

Involvement with the initial constitution, on-going management and on-site skills transfer to the employees and management of Izinkobe Construction (Pty) Ltd,  a joint venture designed and implemented to provide mining and civil construction services to Tronox,  in Richards Bay.

We pride ourselves on the implementation and maintenance of a successful enterprise development program. 

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  • Raise the level of awareness amongst all employees and contractors with regard to the requirements for safety and health, the need to conserve and protect the environment and deliver an excellent service to our client based on the requirements of OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001

  • Implementing and maintaining an effective safety, health, environmental and quality management system that drives continual improvement, prevention of pollution and contributes to the wellbeing of our employees and communities

  • Continuously identify risks, assess, monitor, prioritize and reduce safety, health and environmental incidents

  • Implementation of risk management and control systems

  • Provide adequate personnel, equipment and financial resources to ensure that the policy objectives are met

  • Comply with relevant safety, health and environmental legislation, corporate and other requirements

  • Commit to continual improvement of its SHEQ performance through developing strategies, objectives and target sand reviewing on a regular basis

  • This policy will be communicated to all stakeholders and copies of this policy will be displayed at conspicuous places where persons may read and become acquainted with its content

  • Minimize the negative effect of our operations on communities and strive to uplift the communities wherein our business

  • Ensure that all persons visiting or working for or on behalf of Scribante are equipped with and/or provided with required induction training to enable them to conduct activities in a responsible manner

  • Reduce, re-using and recycling waste and ensuring the legal and safe disposal thereof

  • This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it adequately reflects our commitment to continually improve our safety, health, environmental and quality management systems and performance

  • Provide effective health and safety training to all employees and instill the principles that all preventable and that safety is the responsibility of everyone



The vision of the Scribante Group in 3-5 years time is to:

  • Become a market leader in the mining industry

  • Becoming and employer of choice

  • Maintain high safety standards and remain dedicated to staff safety

  • Produce constant quality and excellence in all aspects

  • Leverage our core portfolio combined with our customer’s unique requirements and develop the right price/performance solution for their application

  • Increase footprint into Africa



  • To provide a safe working environment where quality production provides longevity for all

  • Continue to contribute to South Africa’s economic expansion in a sustainable,  meaningful and ongoing manner

  • To be the leading provider of high-performance mining and construction


Corporate Values

  • Accountability: Responsibility for our actions that influence the lives of all those around us

  • Balance: Maintaining a healthy life and work balance

  • Collaboration: Collaborating within and outside the company to give the best result

  • Seamless access to innovative machinery

  • Delivering flexible and scalable solutions

Scribante’s total quality commitment is to provide its customers with solutions that consistently meet or exceed their expectations. Beginning with Scribante’s executive leadership,  all employees are committed to total quality excellence and to the overall improvement of its quality management system

  • COMMITMENT: Commitment to quality production and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the Organisation

  • COMMUNITY: A sense of responsibility and contribution to society

  • CONSISTENCY: Be consistent in offering the best at all times 

  • DIVERSITY: Respecting diversity in all its spheres and providing equal opportunities for all

  • EFFICIENCY: Being efficient and effective in our approach

  • EMPOWERMENT: Empowering the employees to take initiative and give their best

  • INTEGRITY: To act with honesty and integrity

  • LEADERSHIP: The courage to lead from the front and shape the future

  • QUALITY: Producing the best for unmatched results and all-round satisfaction

  • RESPECT: Giving due respect to yourself and others and maintaining the environment of teamwork and growth

  • SAFETY: Maintain high safety standards and remain dedicated to staff safety.

Corporate Values
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