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Effective Forest and Plantation Removal in the Mining Industry

Almost all mining jobs must start with deforestation and the removal of topsoil. This is necessary to expose the rock beneath to begin mining ore. It’s worth putting in the correct level of planning during the deforestation stage in order to get the new mine off to the right start.

The deforestation division is therefore one of the most important early steps in any mining project. But how is this done effectively while making use of the potentially valuable resources? Read on to find out.

Early Stages of Mining

After a new mining site has been identified, the area must be prepared for the project. The first major step is stripping back vegetation and topsoil in order to begin the mining process.

The topsoil can either be turned into earthworks for roads and transport routes, or into dams if necessary. Alternatively, it might be completely shipped away from the site for use elsewhere.

Removing topsoil is an easy process because it can be done with diggers and other standard mining equipment. Removing forests and vegetation, however, requires specialist tools for this specific purpose.

Vegetation Removal Technology

Scribante has its own range of state of the art deforestation machines that are ideal for these early stages of mining. The machines are capable of removing vegetation of various sizes and also mulching it on-site. This mulch can then be shipped and used in other industries.

The mulching machines have the following capabilities:

· Continuous operation for fast and effective vegetation removal.

· Movement speed of up to 2m/s – fully variable.

· Can remove light and heavy vegetation and tree stumps with ease.

Of course, trees must be cut down before the mulching machines can move in. But these machines are capable of removing stumps up to 1.5 meters in diameter and up to 1.8 meters in height. Being able to do this quickly and easily saves a lot of time during the deforestation process and means all but the roughest terrain is easily accessible.

The mulching machines are designed with a variable torque hydraulic motor. This gives them plenty of flexibility on-site; allowing you to switch between high speed, low torque and low speed, high torque. Having variable torque allows you to control power levels for tackling different removal tasks.

Advantages of using specialist deforestation machines in mining:

· Specialist machines make quick and easy work of this necessary stage of mine construction.

· Variable speed machines cut down on the different machines needed on-site.

· Mulching on-site also cuts down on necessary technology, and this can then be exported for use in other industries.

· Dedicated deforestation machines are ideal for open-cast mining solutions because of the speed at which they can clear vegetation.


Using specialist vegetation removal equipment in the early stages of mine construction allows for more efficient solutions. If you’re planning a new mining site and need fast and effective vegetation removal, contact Scribante for more information. Our mulching machines are cutting edge and are the best choice for clearing new mine sites.


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