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How to Transport Mining Trucks Safely

Transporting mining trucks is a logistical challenge. Due to their size and weight, and the remote locations of many mines, the transport of mining equipment needs to be fast and safe.

Scribante has a fleet of 100-ton low bed trucks to transport mining equipment across South Africa. Read on to learn more about how we manage our fleets for peak efficiency and safety.

Transporting Using 100 Ton Low Bed Trucks

The first step in transporting mining equipment using 100-ton low bed trucks is a thorough analysis of the job. Specifically, it helps to know about the critical factors. These include:

· The size and weight of machinery due for transportation

· The location of the mine

· Its surrounding terrain

· Insurance and budget considerations

While the maximum payload of our trucks is 100 tons, it’s important to know the specific size and weight of the machinery due for transportation. This helps to avoid overloading and allows for more accurate logistical planning.

Also, knowing whether the mine is new or existing is relevant to transportation considerations. For existing mines, our 100-ton low bed trucks allow us to move fully-built machinery wherever possible. This reduces downtime for construction once on-site, leading to greater cost saving on the client’s part.

Our fleet of trucks can be used to transport equipment from previous mining sites or ports depending on whether the equipment is a new delivery. The low beds are designed to handle all kinds of terrain so it makes little difference for the points of collection and delivery.

Handling Equipment During Transportation

After planning the journey in detail, you can be confident that Scribante will handle your mining trucks safely and reliably. To guarantee this, we ensure our drivers conform to the highest safety standards.

Driving 100-ton low bed trucks is never easy, but driving them with heavy, expensive mining equipment on the back is even more of a challenge.

Before signing off on our low bed truck drivers, we put them through detailed and rigorous training and vehicle management. We also make sure our drivers are fit to work and know the signs of fatigue and impaired driving. When transporting mining equipment, the safety of our drivers and their cargo is our top priority.

Also, we ensure our 100-ton low bed trucks are constantly maintained and are inspected before any job. After all, your mining trucks are in our care during transportation, so we must do everything in our power to get them to their destination.

Conclusion – Transporting Trucks with Scribante

Scribante is proud to manage an effective fleet of 100-ton low bed trucks and to provide expert transportation services to mining companies across Southern Africa. Years of experience have taught us the safest routes, the most effective methods of transportation, and the best cost-saving measures.

So, if you have mining trucks that need transporting across South Africa, contact Scribante for help. We can advise you on the logistics of the job, and our fleet of trucks allows us to handle most mining trucks with ease.


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