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Mining Plant Hire

Mining plant hire is a popular industry of one company sharing its tools and equipment with others. It’s a cost-effective solution for companies that want to get started in mining but have minimal capital. Scribante Group provides mining plant hire across South Africa to facilitate your mining needs.

Among the many services our vehicles provide are:

· Fast track box cut excavations

· Opencast mining

· Prospecting box cuts

· Rehabilitation of disturbed areas

We thought we would take this opportunity to highlight some of the vehicles in our plant hire division to better showcase our availability for customers.

CAT 777 100T Rigid Dump Truck

The CAT 777 is a 100-ton haulage truck produced by Caterpillar. It’s typically used in open pit mining due to its size, large carrying capacity, and engine power. The CAT 777 is capable of putting out 938 horsepower from its diesel engine. Its top speed is around 67MPH.

The first model was introduced in 1974, and since then the CAT 777 has been a staple in mining industries worldwide. It’s an effective and reliable dump truck that’s suitable for a range of open cast mining solutions.

More modern versions of the CAT 777 also have fuel-saving features, including emission reduction. While environmental benefits are rarely the main deciding factor in mining plant hire, it definitely helps to know that the equipment is as eco-friendly as possible.

Similarly, recent iterations of this dump truck have safety features for optimal usage. These include torque control and electronic clutch transmission for better performance and driver comfort. Considering drivers will spend all day behind the wheel, this is a considerable benefit for their workplace health and safety.

The CAT 777 is an effective and versatile dump truck that certainly gets the job done. You know you can rely on its superior construction and efficient design when transporting materials from the mine.

Komatsu 785 100T Rigid Dump Truck

Komatsu is another established name in the mining industry, and it’s easy to see why with the 785. Again, its carrying capacity is 100 tons, and it’s powered by a 1200 horsepower diesel with a top speed of 65MPH.

There are several different 785 models, each with its own variations in carrying capacity and body size. However, they all use fully hydraulic brake systems, variable horsepower control, and anti-pitching controls.

Much like the CAT 777, the Komatsu 785 is a versatile dump truck that’s useful in a range of open cast mining solutions. What’s more, the 785’s body can be adapted depending on the payload; it has a general purpose body for quarry loads and an optional rock body for ore mining.


Whatever your mining needs, Scribante has you covered for mining plant hire. Our wide-ranging fleet contains vehicles useful in all kinds of opencast and box cut mining applications.

So if you’re getting started in mining and need to arrange plant hire, contact Scribante. We can help keep your capital investment low by providing the vehicles you need to mine in South Africa.


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