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How Scribante Hope Empowers Children and Their Communities

As a leading civil engineering company in South Africa, the Scribante Group is always looking for ways to give back to local and national communities. It is why we started our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative, Scribante Hope.

Our latest project is working alongside an NGO called Freedom Walkers, an amazing group of people helping children across South Africa. We thought we’d take this opportunity to discuss how Scribante Hope and Freedom Walkers work together to empower children and their communities.

What is Freedom Walkers?

Freedom Walkers is a South African NGO that helps children with disabilities to walk. Its business model is incredibly simple: design and manufacturer inexpensive yet durable solutions for children with disabilities or developmental issues.

Their story begins with founder Derek Boshard, whose daughter has chromosome duplication syndrome. The equipment on offer was well beyond Derek’s means, so he did what any father would: adapt. Out of this, Freedom Walkers was born. Several years later, and Freedom Walkers is a groundbreaking NGO looking to carve new paths in the accessible product space.

Their products are made to order from Class 16 PVC pipe and fittings, making them lightweight and durable. Freedom Walkers’ devices are the perfect solution for children who perhaps can’t afford a wheelchair or would be restricted when using them around their neighborhood.

The Freedom Walkers range of adaptive equipment includes their standard freedom walker, a standing frame, bath chair, and the freedom crawler. You can find out more information about their products here.

How does Scribante Group Help?

Scribante Hope is our way of giving back to the communities around us. Through our CSI, Scribante Group connects talented individuals with the right job opportunities to create more chances for everyone. We use our connections in the corporate world to ensure the right people go to the right places.

Primarily, though, we provide funding to Freedom Walkers. As an NGO, they rely heavily on outside investment, and this is a cause we believe in very strongly. Scribante Hope is built on the understanding that no one should be left behind because of things outside of their control, especially children.

Those of us who can walk take for granted the things we can do. Whether it’s walking to work or school, going out with friends and family, or simply taking a bath, walking is fundamental.

But, for children with mobility issues, each of these things is a struggle. Providing them with a freedom walker ensures they’re not left behind and can still play with friends and receive an education.

Getting Involved with Freedom Walkers

Freedom Walkers is an amazing NGO, and Scribante Hope is very proud to partner with them. They’re doing amazing work in the community and we are excited to see how our relationship develops in the future.

Of course, we can all do more to help children with mobility issues. If you’d like to get involved with a sponsorship, please click the link to find out more.


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